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The Door Between The Citizen and The Law

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The law enforcement profession in the United States is unique. No other profession allows the professional to bear arms, take away a person’s liberty, make life and death decisions, create legal documents, affect court case law, and save lives on daily basis. Retired police officer and professional actor, David Sussman, paints the picture of a rookie cop and recounts a number of on duty events that taught him life changing lessons.

***A question and answer period follows his 1 hour lecture.  

 Sgt. David Sussman retired after 25 years as a police officer in a very demographically diverse, small city. A graduate of Ocean County College, Arizona State University, and the NJ State Police Training Academy, David did patrol on foot, bike, and in a car. Certified as both a physical trainer and a hostage negotiator, part of his career was spent in the Community Affairs bureau in which he coordinated with the Inspection Department to address over crowding and also coordinated with the State to bring in mobile motor vehicle inspections. While a walking officer David took note of the town's lack of a community service program so he created one by gaining cooperation between his department, the court office, and the public works department. David has been a lead rider in the Police Unity Tour for a decade and does so in memory of his two coworkers who each made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

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